Major League Food

The only real thing I like about baseball is … the food (JK! I actually really enjoy the game of baseball, but the food is certainly a highlight in the game-day experience for me). I believe stadium hot dogs should be their own food category on that pyramid they show you in kindergarten, and whoever came up with the concept of bratchos (brats + nachos) should be hailed as a saint. If you know me then you know I somehow magically landed on a job that actually pays me to go watch baseball (among other work activities) which means I get to eat all the Major League food. Check out some of my favorites below from my travels this year (and excuse some of the borrowed photos*, sometimes we get to enjoy the suite life versus these foodie staples … #sorryimnotsorry for the #humblebrag):

Atlanta Braves – H&F Burger

Two words: Atlanta necessity. This burger used to be served up 20 at a time only at 10PM each night at the local favorite, Holeman & Finch. The Braves were the first to bring the iconic burger past its limited nightly quantities at Turner Field and the city caught on quickly. There’s now two locations – one in SunTrust Park and the other at Ponce City Market.


Colorado Rockies – Beer! Or the CHUburger

The beer legit is as cold as the Rockies & Coors Field is where Blue Moon was created (seriously!). But if you’re looking to pad that tummy before you booze it up in high altitude, hit up CHUburger for some mouth-watering burgers made with local ingredients & a bucket-like serving of fries.


Ball Park Food

Photo via the Denver Post

Cleveland Indians – Slider Dogs

Think mini hot dog sliders – adorable right? And tasty! Choose from three styles – cheese & bacon, classic with onions, or chili cheese.


Miami Marlins – Cuban Sandwich from Taste of Miami

You wouldn’t go to Italy and not get pasta would you? Then why go to Miami and not get a Cuban? While this isn’t the best or most authentic Cuban sandwich I’ve feasted on, it’s pretty solid for ballpark food & obviously very representative of the city.


Milwaukee Brewers – More Beer! And Bratchos

It’s called Miller Park for a reason. The team is called the Brewers for a reason. The people in this city sweat beer (okay that’s a lie, but I feel like I can say that since I reside here). So yeah, get the beer! And not Miller Lite, expand your horizons and try all the fantastic local craft beers out there. Oh, and bratchos. Does this really need more explaining?


Minnesota Twins – Andrew Zimmern’s Canteen

If I could switch places with one person it would be Andrew Zimmern, or really actually it would be Anthony Bourdain, but for the sake of this being about Target Field & AZ being a local, we’ll go with Zimmern. You can get the Sloppy Ko (a Korean-style barbecue sandwich) or indulge your sweet tooth with the frozen white chocolate mousse (an up-scale ice cream cup).


Pittsburgh Pirates – Primanti Brothers

Did you ever think to put fries & coleslaw on your sandwich? Yeah me neither, but the Steel City folks put that shit on everything and it somehow works. Also, Primanti Brothers may as well be a city landmark so knock out two birds with one stone – go to the game, get the sandwich.


St. Louis Cardinals – Dinger’s Donuts

Mini donuts! Need I say more? And you can get them in a souvenir helmet topped with chocolate, vanilla or maple glaze.


Photo via the Red Bird Daily

San Francisco Giants – CREAM (or those damn garlic fries)

While I do love the garlic fries in order to rid of any creepy want-to-be suitors, there’s only so much garlic that I need to ward off the vampires. Cream is a new kid to the baseball block at AT&T Park and oh boy is it delicious. Homemade, warm cookies with premium ice cream – this is a cookie monster’s, er lover’s, dream.


The Postseason is in full swing (where did this season go?), so follow along via my Instagram to see what foodie finds I’ll discover at the World Series. Cheers!

*All photos taken by Melanie Catney unless otherwise denoted.


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