A Night at the Harley Museum

If you are as naive to the motorcycle world as I am then you may have never thought the Midwest to have a bustling motor head scene, or that Milwaukee used to have some serious motorcycle mafias. The motorcycle’s roots run deep in Milwaukee with one of the largest manufacturers in the U.S., Harley-Davidson, calling the city home since 1903 when the company was founded. With over a decade of ironclad history ranging from racing to World War II to Captain America, Harley established a museum to house its most precious relics and motorcycles.

Check out some highlights from the Harley-Davidson Museum below that make even the most amateur of bicycle riders (like me) want to upgrade their license and speed to something a little more heavy metal.

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Pro tip: To follow-up your views of American classics with classic American fare check out the museum’s eatery and watering hole, MOTOR  Bar & Restaurant, which has staples such as an incredibly cheesy beef brisket mac-and-cheese that is one of six different mac styles.


The menu options are meant to make you feel like you’re living life on the road with favorites such as a classic Texas road house chili, Memphis-style baby back ribs and back roads Georgia peach cobbler. There’s even a delicious hot chicken buffalo sammy that could be considered the tame younger sibling to Nashville hot chicken.


Check out their website for various featured items such as their burger and wing of the month or featured cocktail. They even have some regular rockin’ events throughout the year such as Bike Night (not just for bikers) and BBQ & Blues, an all-you-can-eat BBQ extravaganza with live blues music every Saturday.

Harley Davidson Museum (map it)
400 West Canal Street
Milwaukee, WI 53201


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