The Beginning of a Noble Tradition

Nestled in the main drag of the Walker’s Point neighborhood in Milwaukee is a picturesque restaurant with an old-fashioned attractiveness called The Noble. The restaurant is small yet cozy, and the decor transports you to an antiquated time. The dining room fits about 20 guests comfortably and when the restaurant is full, you feel like you’re part of one big communal table as you discuss the food and drinks with not only those you came with but those you were seated by. And the best part … the menu rotates daily.

While there is a standard sampling of appetizers listed on their hand-printed menus, each day the chef concocts several delectable seasonal specials. The Noble posts the evening’s specials on Facebook around 5 p.m. for those of you who like to plan, or if you’re the type that likes a good surprise then feel free to just show up. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Our menu last week consisted of the following:

  • Carrot ginger bisque
  • Sriracha deviled eggs
  • Salmon cakes
  • BBQ ribs over mac ‘n’ cheese
  • Persian rice pilaf (add crumbled goat for all the carnivores out there)
  • Pineapple salsa spearfish
  • Crab caper filet mignon
  • Bacon blue pork du jour


If my stomach was my sole decision influencer, I would have ordered one of everything but my wallet begged otherwise (next time I’m bringing at least 6 friends so we can seriously order one of everything on the menu). We started with an appetizer that was on their non-rotating menu, the mushroom pâté which was a perfect blend of mushrooms and truffled goat cheese served with crackers. (Pro tip: always order anything with truffles.) Next we went in for the sriracha deviled eggs complete with thick slabs of bacon and the salmon cakes paired with a creamy dill sauce.

We ordered the Persian rice pilaf carnivore style with the BBQ ribs over mac ‘n’ cheese for our heavy hitters. Between the three of us, we could have easily each ordered the ribs and still licked each plate clean. And I say this not because we were that hungry, but because the dish was that good! The meat fell off the bone and was smothered in a perfectly smokey and sweet BBQ sauce. What I loved about the mac ‘n’ cheese was the undercurrent of black pepper making the mac sufficiently flavorful and not overwhelmingly cheesy. I wish I could rave more about the rice pilaf but the ribs stole the show.

For dessert (yes, we always get dessert!), we opted for the special because no rotating menu is complete without a dessert special. I’ll go ahead and name it Cheesecake Heaven. A dense yellow cake layer was under the thick layer of velvety cheesecake topped with a tart berry sauce and made-from-scratch vanilla bean whip cream (YUM!).


I can only hope to run into the BBQ ribs over mac ‘n’ cheese again at The Noble, but until then I will gladly dive into any and all of the nightly specials.

The Noble (map it)
704 S. 2nd Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204


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