Causin’ a Ruckus in MKE

A new quick-dining burger joint has opened in Milwaukee and it’s causing quite The Ruckus. From the owners of the local coffee chain, Colectivo, Ruckus is Milwaukee’s Shake Shack serving burgers, ice cream and, wait for it … churros. For those not familiar with the local coffee shop chain, Ruckus touts a similar atmosphere with bold colors and playful menu boards. While the restaurant opened in the winter, it is destined for the sacred Midwest summer months. The wrap-around patio is large enough to double the capacity of that indoors, and the garage doors that line the entire street facing wall will provide ample access to the great outdoors on a gorgeous day.


But enough about the atmosphere, Ruckus is all about the food which is sourced from local Midwest businesses. The burgers are your true diner burgers, smashed thinly on the grill and packed full of flavor. I would order the double patty so you get a proper meat-to-bun-to-condiments ratio. The milkshakes and ice cream are decadent and creamy – what more would you expect from Wisconsin dairy products? Obviously there is no better pairing than a burger and fries, and the fries here are a stand out too. They are fried to gold perfection with an even crunch on the outside and a soft center. And speaking of delicious duos – burgers & beer. Unlike most quick dining establishments, The Ruckus speaks to the locals who love their beer (and love their local beer) serving cold brews on tap from Lakefront Brewery, New Glarus, Colectivo Keg Co. and Miller.


What sets Ruckus apart from the competition is the spicy, Latin twist intertwined in its menu items. The Ruckus burger has some pork chorizo mixed into the patty; the Two Tone milkshake is a combination of spiced fudge and Mexican chocolate; and of course, churros. Pro tip: dip your fries and churros in your milkshake (duh!).

Like Colectivo, Ruckus is certainly going to be a staple in the Milwaukee community. With it’s first location in Shorewood and plans to open in Tosa, the burgers will soon be causin’ all The Ruckus through Sconnie nation.

The Ruckus (map it)
4144 North Oakland Avenue
Shorewood, WI 53211


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