What’s on the menu?

For Starters.

Thanks for stopping in! I’m Melanie, the girl behind Eats & Streets, a food and travel blog. I’ll start things off by saying I love to eat. Like I really love eating. So much that I’ll list it as one of my hobbies in surveys. I wanted to begin a blog to document where I was going and what I was eating in order to share my passion for food with like-minds and friends. I recently moved to Milwaukee, WI from the dirty south (Nashville & Atlanta), and I found the best way to immerse myself in the Midwest is to eat my way through it.

The Main Dish.

This blog is dedicated mostly to food but let’s be real, the only thing this girl makes are reservations so I hope you aren’t reading this in search of flour-less cake recipes or crock pot dishes. If that were the case, then I’d happily label myself as a the next up-and-coming Martha Stewart (although I am a huge proponent of Blue Apron). I cannot label myself as a critic either. I tend to like (mostly) everything I eat so hopefully the color commentary here will be the right flavor for readers and fellow food junkies.

A Sweet Treat.

Lastly, and luckily, I am afforded the opportunity to travel for work and for play. There is no better feeling than exploring a new culture and indulging in a new city. I wanted to capture my jetsetting habits in a meaningful way and be able to share my adventures. Because, you know, sharing is caring – amiright?

Side Plates.

I am: A sports marketing professional. Artist. Jewelry maker. Proud dog mom. Tennessee Volunteer (Go Big Orange!). Coffee addict. Spin and barre class enthusiast. Dance music lover. Chipotle’s #1 fan. Salsa guru (the dip, not the dance). A champion for champagne. J.Crew & Madewell junkie. OCD when it comes to cleaning. Book worm. A firm believer of fourth meals. A huge proponent of obnoxiously thick down coats, scarves and beanies.

I am excited to start this blogging journey, and I cannot thank you enough for reading!

Cheers ♥


Photo courtesy of Patrick Duffy.


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